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Carrot granules 500g

Carrot granules 500g

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Product information "Carrot Granules"

Carrot granules from PerNaturam for skin, stomach and intestines. It is a tried and tested means of intestinal care in dogs. For example, as a first aid measure for dogs with diet-related diarrhea - also in puppies. It is full of roughage, vitamins and carotene (precursor of vitamin A), trace elements and essential oils. The granules are soaked in water or broth before feeding and then mixed with the feed. Carotenes improve red-brown pigmentation.

For the production of carrot granules, fresh carrots are finely chopped and then gently dried at low temperatures in order to preserve the best possible natural quality. 1 kilo of carrot granules corresponds to the nutrient content of around 10 kilos of fresh carrots.

  • maintains the intestinal flora
  • helps with diet-related diarrhea
  • semolina fine

Supplementary feed for dogs


100% carrots, gently dried and granulated.

analytical components

crude protein 9.6%

Fat content 1.8%

Crude fiber 8.5%

Crude ash 9.4%


About 0.27%


Well 0.26%

feeding recommendation

Swell up a teaspoon to a tablespoon with a little water or broth and pour over the food.

Not suitable for human consumption.


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