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Lecithin with silica 500g

Lecithin with silica 500g

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Product information "Lecithin with silica"
The body needs lecithin all the time, because lecithins - here especially the phospholipids (contain 36%) - are the building blocks for all cell membranes. Without lecithin there is no functioning of the cells, no cell renewal, no growth.
The body needs silica (kieselguhr) to produce synovial fluid and build horn, i.e. hair and claws, bones, connective tissue and cartilage.
Lecithin with silica is an important supplement, especially for pregnant bitches and puppies, during the change of coat and for high-performance dogs.
  • for cell growth,
  • for regeneration,
  • for better performance
  • supports the change of fur
  • important for pregnant bitches and puppies

Supplementary feed for dogs


Sunflower Lecithin (GMO Free)

analytical components

crude protein 3.7%

Fat content 44.5%

Crude fiber 1.4%

Crude ash 34.1%

Technological additives per kg 400 g of precipitated silica / E551

feeding recommendation

Small dogs up to 5 kg body weight
receive a small measuring spoon (ML) = 1.5 g daily. Dogs with 15 kg
receive 2 small ML, dogs weighing 30 kg receive one heaped daily
large ML and dogs over 40kg receive up to 2 large scoops per day.
Double the amount during pregnancy and rearing. there are 2
Measuring spoon included. The small measuring spoon holds 1.5 g, the large one
measuring spoon 13 g.

Please always provide sufficient drinking water.

Not suitable for human consumption.


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